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Are killer apps about to revolutionize the real estate market?

There is no doubt about it. The world is getting smaller and faster. Technology has utterly altered the way we go about our lives. Almost any information is available at the click of a button. People can be accessed on the other side of the world instantaneously. Huge distances are considered a mere hop, skip…

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Grexit (1)

What kind of impact will a ‘Grexit’ have on real estate?

The plot continues to thicken in the latest act of the Greek bailout drama. Greece’s economic woes have been bubbling for at least five years and are now, finally coming to a head. It appeared that Athens would finally acquiesce to the bailout offered by its creditors. However, when put to a referendum, 61% of…

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New York skyline

The Fed freezes interest rates again… Is it just an illusion?

The Federal Reserve recently dashed expectations by holding interest rates. The US central bank has effectively frozen rates since 2008, helping the economy weather the storm of one of the most serious crashes in living memory. But with economic indicators pointing the way towards not only recovery, but stability, the question has become not if…

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