What we do

Making the dream of New York real estate investment a reality.


Offer unique investment opportunities.



Investors join as individuals or as part of an investment group.



Real estate investment opportunities in New York are generally more attractive and secure compared to alternative locations.



Investors are first in line for profit distributions.

How about some facts about our company?

% of investors return for a second investment
Projects from 2013
Number of completed projects
Thousand people (on average) move to New York every year with demand for Brooklyn in the lead

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the biggest risk is not taking any risk…in a world that is changing really quickly the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks

— Mark Zuckerberg —

Our Investment Process




    Introductory meeting to evaluate and select the correct investment opportunity for you.





    Signing all necessary agreements.





    Stay on top of your investment with quarterly reports until the completion of the project and profit distributions.


What our Investors say

  • I first approached Tzviki and Aaron in 2013, wanting to find a short term investment with a monthly return in the United States. From our first meeting, I found them to be very attentive, thorough and friendly. My first investment was in a project in New York City. It yielded an impressive profit in just 4 months! It was clear to me from the very beginning that investor satisfaction is their top priority.

    — Michael Kramer —
  • We didn’t think that a meaningful investment was possible in our budget range, especially in New York City. We are now on our third investment with BH Investments. Their genuine care and our generous profits have exceeded our highest expectations. The entire experience was relaxed and we were kept in the loop every step of the way. We won’t hesitate to invest with BH Investments again.

    — Dr. Ran Talisman —
  • My wife and I decided to invest $50,000 in a development project in Brooklyn, New York and expected to see a return within the following 18 months. 4 months later, Tzviki called to inform us the project had been flipped for a 15% profit! It really showed me the value of investing with genuine real estate experts. If you have money to invest, definitely give them a call.

    — Ari Dubin —


Everything you ever wanted to know about our investment process and New York real estate. Read FAQ.

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If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done before.

— Thomas Jefferson —

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קבוצת BH ו/או הפועלים מטעמה, אינם מורשים לפי חוק הסדרת העיסוק בייעוץ השקעות, בשיווק השקעות ובניהול תיקי השקעות, תשנ”ה-1995, וכל מידע פרסומי שנמסר וכן כל מידע שיימסר לגבי אפשרות השקעה במסגרת הצעה עתידית לא יהווה ייעוץ השקעות או שיווק השקעות כהגדרתם בחוק.

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